Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's All in the Jeans

I met Mrs. Lee today--my first school board member, other than Dr. Crisp. Doc was here with me when Mrs. Lee arrived, so at least I didn't have to talk to her alone. I used the advice LadyNerd left on my blog last week and imagined that Mrs. Lee was a skittish cow that might be easily spooked by a stranger like me. I smiled, then remembered not to smile too wide, and then I lost control of my mouth entirely and blurted out, "Hello, Mrs. Lee. It's a pleasure to milk you--I mean, to meet you!" So much for imagining her as a cow!!!

Mrs. Lee looked me up and down and sniffed with disdain. "Those aren't this season's DenimGlom jeans. I ought to know because I buy a new set every spring and fall, one of each item in the line, and those don't resemble anything currently in my closet." I mean, really! I'm taller than a giraffe and what she cares about most are whether my jeans are in style or not?

"Actually, the packing slip said they're next season's jeans," I told her.

Mrs. Lee raised her eyebrows a bit and turned to Dr. Crisp. "Julian? You're her physician too, right?"

"I am," said Doc.

"So, just how contagious is she?"

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"Is there a chance of Miss Mills infecting the other children? Some of them are menace enough at ordinary sizes, but if they were to catch her disease--"

"I'm not diseased, I'm just really tall!!!" I stomped my foot to prove my point, hard enough to shake the ground.

Dr. Crisp cleared his throat to cover a little hand gesture, which was probably meant as a signal for me to chill. "My best conjecture is that Melly suffers from a genetic abnormality. Her height isn't contagious at all, any more than my blue eyes or your high cheekbones, Brenda."

That was interesting. I kinda figured my extreme tallness wasn't spread by extreme tallness germs, but I never thought about it from the viewpoint of genetics. Ma and Pa weren't any taller than normal, so I must have some kind of mutation, according to the biology lessons I've read for Dr. Crisp. Except...aren't mutations usually minor things like webbed feet or a peanut allergy? Then again, there was that girl in India who was born with extra arms and legs, and that's got to be at least as strange as being seventeen feet and eleven-plus inches tall.

The rest of my interview with Mrs. Lee went pretty well, once she'd been satisfied that I wasn't hosting some giant flu virus that would turn her town into a hangout for super-sized juvenile delinquents. 'Tho many of her questions had to do with GlomCorp, and whether I might have any inside contacts who could get her a peek at the upcoming line of GlomBag brand handbags.

I'd blog more about Mrs. Lee but I have to go make Jay a sandwich now and then do his laundry. Oh, I never should have made that bet!!!


  1. pie guy : giant virus that would be is mega awsome but why you making him sandwich thats not a chore anyway there is 1 way for any girl to get put of any bet but im a guy so im not aloud to say man unoin would have my head

  2. The way Jay explains it, anything involving food preparation is a chore for him, which means this week it's a chore for me.

    I'm curious about your way to get out of a bet, but I wouldn't want to get you kicked out of the union!!!

  3. Hah! Food is a chore huh? Wow, he's good at twisting things.

    Also, I am very honored you listened to my advice and also very amused with how you took it. I think you handled your milking comment fine, and I hope you aren't embarrassed about it! She didn't seem to care. I bet she thinks all young people are hoodlums or weirdos. =P

    I don't like Mrs. Lee much, I have to say. Her concern with fashion is fine but it seemed to take over the whole conversation! And I'm trying very hard not to be mad at her for the "contagious" comment.

  4. I think the cow thing is still good advice. Maybe it will work better on the next school board member I meet.

    I kind of wish I was contageous. Then maybe I wouldn't be the only one like me, and a whole bunch of us could live together in quarantine on a tropical island somewhere.

  5. Well, atleast she's not like Ms. Johansen. Although I still don't like her. I mean, Brenda Lee? Does this sound like a Mark Twain name or what. But I hate to admit that the lady does make a good point in noticing your jeans, although persinally you can where a clown costume for all I care, besides, people notice you for your height, not fashion style. Oh well, if worst comes to worst you can always offer her some nice grass. Cows love it. (Tell her that to see her face, heh heh).

  6. I need all the grass I can get for my real cows. Besides, it was nice for Mrs. Lee to notice me for something other than my height. Thanks to my good freinds at GlomCorp--Ha-ha!!!


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