Friday, June 13, 2008

Exuberance and Exclamations!!!

I got a comment on my blog yesterday (my first comment, hooray!!!) that I shouldn't use "cuz" instead of "because" and should use bigger words cuz I obviously know them--sorry, because I obviously know them from reading and rereading Ma's New College Dictionary!!! Oh, and in my newfound and expansive eloquence I should endeavor to refrain from utilizing such a plethora of exclamation points. Yah. Whoopee. Fantastic.

Nah, just kidding!!! I'm trying to write the way I talk, and I almost always say "cuz" instead of "because" even though I know it's wrong. As for the exclamation points, I just love them to death and it seems wrong to only use one at a time!!! Heh!!!

By the way, Dr. Crisp says our town's high school has an excellent basketball team for girls. Not only that, but most colleges have women's teams, and there's professional league for women just like they have for men!!! I wasn't thinking about college yet, but if I can major in basketball and play on TV, I would love that!!!


  1. So you're birth month is December ^^
    Like me ^^
    The story sounds interresting

    I hope we can see you some day in TV where you play basketball in major league.

    Well I hope also that you will found soon some friends in your neighbor hood.

  2. Sorry, This doesn't sound realistic. You say that your 15 years old and 17 feet and 10 inches tall? im 15 too and 5 foot 3 inches tall, If what you are saying is true you could probaly hide me in your pocket :P.

    I apologise if your story is true, And im sure you would understand my disbelief, But this sounds like a big pile of..

  3. My birthday is November 22, but that's almost December and some years it's as cold as December too!!!

    The only kid in my neighborhood is Jay Appleton and I don't think he likes me. I don't know why. But who needs Jay Appleton when I can make friends on the Internet!!!

    And you don't really want to be in my pocket. It's dark in there. Hee-hee!!!

  4. hiyam wiw,,,*looks at you* well, i'm 17 1/2, and the smallest kid in my hometown, so i know how you feel...sorta, WOW this story sounds really true,and you rock!!
    i don't remember seeing a giant 15 year old, but if its true,then cool, if its not then still cool.*tries to gives you a hi-5*EH!! well your cool,and cute, and don't let anyone tell you other wise, okay? well hey my b-day is october, so thats funny huh?
    Well This Jay Appleton(laughs at his name) sorry, hun, but i think he;s just jelous, and probly likes you,mostly cuse when i was 15, i like all girls,(i still do LOL)

  5. your welcome*blows a kiss and smiles* and hey good luck in baseball,i saport you 100%*jumps to gives you a hight five, and decited s to blow you a kiss*

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  7. I don't know what that means, but no thanks. Slavery is wrong!!!

  8. hey milly your right slavery is wrong.
    Hope you have a wonderful Summer!!
    *gives you a hug*

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  11. DUDE, THE GIRL SAID NO!! NO MEANS NO!! My firend says no,and she means NO!! so, just leve her alone!!*clenches fist* NO ONE IS GOING TO HURT,DISCUSS,OR DO ANYTHING BAD, TO MY FRIEND MELINDA..GOT IT?
    sorry melinda, just let my anger take control over me...i'm sorry...

  12. Thanks, Peter!!! I lose my temper sometimes too, but go you!!!

  13. yeah...thanks melinda, your a sweet person!!*gives you a big hug(no pun intened)*

  14. The comments for this post were disturbing.

    Whoever was talking about your feet was indeed being gross. I don't understand some people. How can you want attention so badly that you don't care if you're being inappropriate and/or annoying, not to mention all the negative responses you're going to get from people? Are these people needy or do they not care about anyone else? Maybe both.

    The only good thing about this was that it made people less willing to be anonymous posters. =)

  15. I agree with ladynerd (what's your real name, I mean, you shouldn't label yourself just because you have good intellect). But for the record, I don't think it's really about attention. There are people who have foot fetishes, and are indeed weird. I mean, it's feet! Freakin feet! Who'd wanna (I'm not typing it, you know what it is, you read the comment) do that anyway? Really!? The same stuff that you put shoes over...Melly. Here's a history lesson for ya. If you didn't know, there were women in Ancient China who once had their feet bound, identified as concubines. The practice wasn't bannned until sometime last century. It supposedly made them seem attractive (I'm not sure how, but it sounds like the first case of accepted foot fetish to me).


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