Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day without Pa

Yesterday was Father's Day so I visited Pa's grave. Well, I visit Ma and Pa every day, but yesterday I stayed longer and lit some candles I found in the loft.

Pa's grave is on our land not far from the house, in a graveyard with Ma and a bunch of older Millses who lived and died on the farm before I was born. When Pa passed there was nobody else to bury him, so I did it myself. I buried him with Red Thunder, his favorite horse.

When Pa was alive, sometimes I thought he loved that horse more than he loved me. I know that's not true but it sure felt that way!!! It's just that Pa got on with animals better than he got on with most people, including his own family and including me. That's why nobody came looking for Pa until months after he died. Nobody was left who cared about him but me.

There was another "Finals" basketball game on TV last night, but I didn't feel like watching it. I was too sad about Pa. I'm less sad today. Kind of angry, really. People better stay out of my way!!!


  1. It's probably hard for people to comment on such a personal, honest, and serious post, but I felt kind of like it was a special treat to read how you felt on this day. It's good to let yourself mourn your beloved parents, especially on special days like this holiday.

    Although you don't even wonder, it's totally normal and healthy. The candles were a nice touch.

    Some people are like your dad when it comes to other people, but he was lucky to have your mom and you in his life! I'm really impressed by what an outgoing and friendly person YOU are, Melly! You're really good with people! I mean it!

    Lol, even though you end your post saying you were mad, hey, at least you warned us!!!

  2. Thanks, Ladynerd!!! Yeah, I was kinda mad right then.

    Dr. Crisp says I should try not to let my emotions take control of me, cuz I can break things or hurt people so easily, but so far I've been good.


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