Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bonus: Illustrated Fanfiction About Me!!!

A couple of super talented folks got together and made an illustrated story about me. It's called "Melly Mills vs. The Schoolyard Bullies" with text by Realsmall and illustrations by That Borrower!

This story is so neat!!! It didn't actually happen to me, but it could have, and wouldn't it be great to put some bullies in their place??? Maybe someday I'll do something in the real world that's as brave as I was in this story--Heh-heh!!!

Also, DustinM wrote a blog entry that might be true about how Giant Girl Ruined My Vacation--'tho it wasn't my fault he came to town on the same day that I did!!!

Great work, guys. Keep them coming!!!

1 comment:

  1. Loved that story. Wasn't it great. Maybe you should do that to Jay Appleton if he gets fresh with you. Just kidding, he'd probably die from shock (not to mention embarassment). I can see the headline: "Boy gets butt whoopped, Dies from Shock." You wouldn't even go to jail, because the jury, the cops, and even the judge would never stop laughing. But in all seriousness, the boy has issues. If you wanna know what his problem is, talk to Mrs. Appleton.


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