Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm getting better at shooting free-throws from the half-court line at the hoop outside my shed. I still miss more shots than I make, but I get a piece of the backboard or rim most of the time. Dr. Crisp taught me a shooting game called HORSE that only takes two people to play, and I can play with a "handicap" so my height isn't so much of an advantage.

And by the way, Dr. Crisp has a really good outside shot for such an old guy!!!

I thought Doc would be upset that I hadn't done his writing assignment about my earliest memory, but he wasn't. "Memories are tricky things," he said. "It sounds like you've got an important part of your past rattling around that big head of yours, but you can't force a memory to come until you're ready for it."

Maybe. I guess. No matter how hard I try, I can't put a face to the shadowy person in my mind. All I get is freckles and red hair, and it makes me angry. What I don't know is whether I'm angry at Freckles or at myself for forgetting him or her so badly.


  1. Maybe it's a mysterious person who's tryed to help or hurt you. Maybe it's that boy from your dreams.

  2. No, that boy in my dreams didn't have freckles or red hair...

  3. No, my fault, I didn't describe him very well. He was tall with light skin, but no freckles, and sandy hair that was longish in the back, and green eyes like grass--but darker. So cute!!!

  4. I see. Hey, if you ever get the chance, look up "the real ghostbusters episodes" on youtube. It's a show from the 80s, a follow-up to the movie Ghostbusters, but it's really good once you get into it. I love the show, it's cool to watch the villains gets busted. Plus, how many shows show ghosts getting blasted with lasers?

  5. Not many, I'll bet. Thanks, I'll look them up!!!


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