Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuzzy Memory of Freckles

Dr. Crisp has given me a writing assignment. He wants me to write about my earliest memory. He says it's a common topic for students to write about, but he might also be testing me somehow. He's my doctor, as well as my tutor, so he's always trying to figure out why I'm so different from everyone else. Maybe he thinks my gigantic brain remembers things differently too--Ha-ha!!!

First memories are tough for me cuz my life has been the same for as far as I can think back. My family always celebrated holidays with small homemade gifts. I always helped with the cows, the chickens, and the crops. And I never left the farm until this year. I had no Internet or cable TV, and the only people in my life were Ma and Pa.

Well, no... I'm not sure that's exactly true. For a long time I've felt there was somebody missing who used to be with us a long, long, long time ago. But even when I'm remembering as hard as I can, he's just a shadow person. Or...she? I can see red hair and freckles, and Ma and Pa didn't have red hair and freckles, so who can it be?

This assignment is dumb and I'm not doing it anymore!!!


  1. That's always an interesting topic, but I can understand your aversion to writing.

  2. While Mrs. Johansson is right about you needing clothes, she's gonna have to make them herself! Clothes stores do NOT expect an 18-foot-tall girl to walk in and browse like any other person.

    Also, I tutor math, and I have to say the number one reason kids do poorly in class is because they're so frustrated at the material that they refuse to acknowledge their studies are worth it. Dr. Crisp didn't just tell you to write down a memory for the fun of it, he wanted you to express yourself... exactly like you're doing with this blog. Give it another try, and if you don't like that one memory THAT much, just move on to another one.

  3. Hey Tai, maybe you can help me with math someday. I suck at it, but I applaud your efforts at teaching those who are bad at it.

  4. I like writing. Usually. But something about this topic makes me want to scream!!!

  5. Umm, maybe an old family friend? Since it doesn't sound like the person would be related to you...

    How frustrating! Did your parents have any old journals or photo albums that could help?

  6. Maybe I could search the house...

  7. Maybe you should ask someone smaller to search the house, like Jay? Those stairs would probably support his weight.


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