Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mrs. Appleton came by this morning. She said I'd feel better if I let her give me a makeover. She actually brought nail polish and a paint brush. I told her to go away, and she did.

Dr. Crisp came by later on. He said we could skip my lessons and play basketball, if I wanted. I said for him to go away as well.

Then Mr. Appleton came by with a platter of food. I told him I wasn't hungry. Why did I say that? I'm hungry all the time, even with this new diet!!! But he believed me and he went away. I should have asked him to leave the food.


  1. <=( It's good to know how you're doing, even if it's not happy. You still posted for us. You can be alone with good friends sometimes, I think. I don't know how it works, it just does. It's a good day to feel down for awhile.

    *sits quietly with Melly*

  2. You always have us, Melly. We'd be glad to keep you happy... especially if it keeps that last dream from coming true! I wouldn't appreciate you wrecking mine or anyone's home.

  3. This is just a "massive" let-down of "epic" proportions. Seems like things have been pretty rough these past few days.

    Hate it when that happens. Well, while you don't have a friend your age to talk to, I've heard from many of my friends that writing out about what's troubling you is a great way to reduce stress.

    Your average teenanged girl these days has some sort of diary. We're like a diary...that talks back.

  4. Thanks, guys!!! It's good to be alone with other people.


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