Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tiny Town Dreams

I didn't get much sleep last night. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see were police lights and camera flashes. When I finally drifted off, I dreamed I was back in Tiny Town and it was tinier than ever. The people only came up to my ankles instead of my knees, and there were tanks the size of my fist. They were firing missiles at me that stung like wasps when they hit. It was like my very own Japanese monster movie!!!

In the dream, I wasn't alone. Miss Freckles stood on my left side. She was as tall as me and full of taunts and jeers, just like in my shadowy memories. "See how they hate you? It's because you're such an unnatural freak! Why don't you do them a favor and just curl up and die?"

"Don't listen to her, my queen," said a voice from my other side. It was the handsome Dream Boy from my other dream. He was also as tall as me, or actually taller. It was so strange to have all three of us standing together in the town square, with so many teeny-tiny people running all around us.

"You're as much of a freak as she is," Miss Freckles said to Dream Boy. He bowed toward her, bending respectfully at the waist. A bunch of jets flew past our heads, dropping bombs that covered the area with smoke. My eyes stung, but they didn't hurt at all. When the smoke cleared, the three of us were still standing as tall as ever.

"You're not real," I told the other two giants. Dream Boy chuckled while Miss Freckles rolled her eyes. "You're just part of a bad dream," I insisted.

"You're real." Miss Freckles stomped her foot next to the movie theater, making it crumble into steel beams and brick dust. "And the town is real. Do you really think these fine folks will allow a clumsy monster like you to stomp through their streets every day to the high school and back?"

Dream Boy pulled the flagpole from an office building and pointed it at me as he spoke. "How long will you continue to live as a peasant among the tiny ones when you can be Queen of the Tall Ones?"

"These people are too good for you," said Miss Freckles.

"You are too good for these people," said Dream Boy.

I woke up in a cold sweat.


  1. Wow, talk about a flip-sided conversation. I recomend talking to Doc Crisp about a vacation. Maybe he can take you somewhere.

  2. Yeah, I second that wow. Your dreams are intense, Melly.

    Although there aren't a lot of places, if you did take a vacation, you could probably see some beautiful wilderness areas on a camping trip. The trouble would be getting out of populated areas unscathed.

    Do you have a hard time deciding what to think of the people in town, Melly? It's too bad there's no healthy dialogue between you and any townspeople.

  3. What you need is an intermediary between yourself and the townspeople. This would show them you're not a savage beast (which they seem to think you are, despite the fact you can play basketball). The intermediary can help promote communication between you and those pyschos. Maybe he/she can arrange meetings between you and some of them (stop me, I going wild with random ideas). And once a few townspeople have spoken to you, chances are, the less brave folk will approach you as well with a little less prejudice. Dr. Crisp can help with this idea. What do you think?

  4. Willy has the right idea. Having your own diplomat, per se, sounds like a great idea. If I knew you personally, I'd do it myself most likely.

    That aside, I'd reccomend asking Dr. Crisp if you could invite a few willing volunteers over to your farm to get to know you better, and possibly so you'll make a friend or two.

    Tell Doctor Crisp it'd help your "Social skills and psychological health".

    Also, I'd mention your dreams to him as well, and ask if there's any way to determine if you have a brother or sister. Like some sort of DNA testing or something. That may help you find out if Freckles was real or not.

  5. Ha hah, I'm on the right track. (This is rare, so for those of you who can drink legallly, whip out the brandy).

  6. I don't want to talk to any of the townies right now, 'tho I know I will have to eventually.


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