Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Hate This Tiny Town!

I'm back home in the quiet empty shed that I've never appreciated so much until now, and I'm not going out again for the rest of the week!!! Except to milk the cows, I guess, but I don't even want to be around them right now.

My second-ever trip into town was even more of a disaster than the first time. This time the police cars, helicopters, and flashing lights started on Bypass Road and didn't let up for a moment!!! They'd set up barricades all along my route to let me know where to step, and to keep back crowds of gawking little people and their flashing cameras!!!

I had to walk in the street cuz the sidewalks are so narrow, and cuz the awnings and tree branches are so low. That was real embarrassing and there were lots of stopped cars honking at me like I was the one who planned for them all to be late to wherever they were driving. And I had to go reeeeeeeal slow, even tho' I was aching to get the trip over with, cuz Mrs. Appleton walks like a snail. After each step I'd have to wait for her to catch up!!!

The shopping part was easy enough. I stood outside each store entrance surrounded by police and townies while Mrs. Appleton went in to find a clerk. He'd come out and strain his neck to look up at me. After a few minutes, Mrs. Appleton would ask if he had any clothes that might fit me. And in three different stores, three different clerks said exactly the same thing: "Let me go check in the back room!"

No, of course they didn't have anything in Size Two-Zillion, or whatever it is I wear. We knew that before we started, and Mrs. Johansson will just have to deal with paying for something to be made special for me. If she wasn't such a stubborn witch, she'd have agreed to that from the start and I'd never had to go back into town at all!!!

The only good part was when somebody threw a basketball at me from the court in the playground as we passed by. I caught it with one hand.

"Hey, Goliath! Let's see what you've got!" called one of the players on the court.

So I lined up my shot and banked in a seventy-footer. Bam!!! That shut the townies up for a few minutes!!!


  1. =( I'm sorry it was such an embarrassing ordeal!

    But wow, what a great shot! =D

  2. Well, atleast THAT was something to keep the town quiet. Now they can't call you a savage beast...unless they're talkin basketball! YEAH! GET 'EM CHAMP!

  3. Heh, there's girl in the school I graduated from a month or so ago, her name's Kelly Hansen and she's the captain of the basketball team. She's 6'4, and everyone calls her "Big Red".

    Heck, I'm pretty tall myself, at about 6'3 and a half, but I'd only come up to about...right above your knee-caps. And you're still growing too. I mean, aren't guys usually taller than girls?

    I'm used to being really tall compared to everyone else, but you make feel downright tiny. I mean, your 2 1/2 years YOUNGER, and almost 3 times my size!

  4. Did your friend Kelly get teased because of her height? I haven't been around many kids my age, so I'm kind of nervous about that...

  5. Nope, she didn't actually. The people in my school are generally people that don't tease others about physical features. She holds her head up high, as do I.

    You should too, it makes for good posture.

    Though based on how've people reacted in town, I'd prepare yourself for people at school giving you looks, and whispering behind your back, etc. With those big ears of yours, you'll probably be able to hear it, which is worse.

    Though in the case that you do, just stop watch your doing, look towards the people who're whispering "secretly", and say something along of the lines of "Could ya not talk about me behind my back? It's kinda rude."

    Most people, when caught in the act, will stop out of embarrasment.

    Hey Melly, one thing I'd watch out for when going to school is making physical threats and gestures that suggest you'll hurt others. The principals and teachers at school may not all like you, and may very well be looking for every chance they get to kick you out.

    As well, using force to get your way will only instill in people's minds even more the stereotype that you're nothing but a "Fee, Fiy, Foo, Fum, I smell the blood of an englishmen" giant...ess.

    Hope that helps. I was teased myself when I was younger, and I know all the ways to deal with teasing in general. I hate to see people get made fun of or teased, and that's why I'm inclined to help.

  6. I don't think I hear any better than anyone else. My ears are big but they're sooooo far off the ground!!!

  7. Hmm, really?

    Well, now that you think about it, your bigger ears can only do so much with such quiet voices from us smaller people.

    I guess it's all your ears can do just to let you hear people so close to the ground, so I guess it's not gonna be much better than anyone else's by comparison.


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