Monday, July 14, 2008

Cotton Candy From The 1939 World's Fair

My shed is unbearable right now, so I have my computer in my lap with a very long extension cord. It's all Mrs. Appleton's fault. She means well, but her weekend painting project filled my room with more fumes than the ceiling fans could handle!!!

Painting the four inside walls took fifteen gallons of pink paint in a color called Cotton Candy From The 1939 World's Fair. Jay says it looks more like Upset Stomach Medication From The Downstairs Bathroom, but Mrs. Appleton was the one who picked out the color, not me!!! Jay helped us paint, 'tho he still isn't talking to me much, and I'm not really talking to him. We just keep looking at each other, all suspicious like. Jay and his mother painted the low parts while I took the sections up high, of course!!!

My shed now also has a lumpy mattress filled with pieces of foam, thanks for Mr. Appleton. I think it's great, but Mrs. Appleton wants him to build me a real bed with a headboard, footboard, and some kind of fancy canopy. Mr. Appleton rolled his eyes when she said that. He said he'd think about it, after he finished making me a really big desk and chair.

If the paint fumes don't go away by tonight, I'll have to drag the mattress outside to sleep. I just hope it doesn't rain!!!


  1. Ew, paint fumes, I hate those.

    Sorry to hear that. It'd suck a looot if it rained tonight. Paint, by my experience, takes no more than 24 hours to dry. It'll be good by tommorow night, and earlier than that depending on when you finished painting yestardy.

  2. Yeah, paint fumes, don''t get me started. Try pranking the Appleton kid, get a good laugh out of it. That is, if he's a jerk to you (which is more than likely).

  3. Willy, I don't think that's what Melly should be aiming for right now.

    Jay apparently knows her secret, which even we don't know. And besides, with school coming up in a month or so, she's going to need a friend when she gets there.

  4. Good point. I do need at least one friend in school--'tho there has to be somebody friendlier there than Jay Appleton!!!

    The paint is still pretty bad. I'm going to sleep under the stars tonight.

  5. Well, if that doesn't work too well, I do have an idea that'll at least give you some respect-and it doesn't invole violence or meanness.

    Remember back in your trip to town, when you made that basket from far away and there was just stunned silience?

    That's the kind of respect these sports-obbsessed males give to someone who's way better than them at their sport.

    The plan? Play some games with the basketball jocks, just for fun.

    Don't be a sore loser/winner(depending on if you cream them or not). In fact, ask for a handshake(fingershake?) with the designated "leader" of the group, and do the usual good game, you played well, my height does give me an advantage, etc.

    If all goes well, you now have a group of casual friends. They won't be ones for sharing your feelings with, and asking for them to help with your problems, but it's an option that you have when you start school.

  6. Not a bad idea. Just make sure they can and will help you out (socially). The last thing you need are kids at some school hating you. Kids can be cruel.

  7. Sounds like a lot of activity! Does it at least loom nice to you, melly?

  8. That pink is better than plain white, but it's not really know? I hope I can get used to it.

    Ben and Willy: You bet I'm going to play some basketball. Just try to stop me!!!


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