Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unwanted and Unloved

I overheard Mr. and Mrs. Appleton talking last night. They were walking in from the orchard and I guess they didn't realize I was sleeping outside to avoid the paint fumes. They passed by the other side of the shed, so I couldn't see them, but I sure could hear them!!!

Mr. Appleton was complaining about how much it was costing him to keep me on their property. He complained about all the food I was eating, the clothes I would need, and the shed I was living in--which was pretty expensive to build, I guess. Plus Mrs. Appleton wants him to build me a whole roomful of custom-sized furniture.

"But Melly is such a sweet girl," said Mrs. Appleton.

"She's a monster," said Mr. Appleton. "No wonder Mick and Molly hid her from the world for so long."

"But dear, she's helpless on her own. It's our duty to take care of her."

"Why? So you can have the daughter you always wanted? If you feel that strongly, we can adopt a normal-sized girl. There are plenty to choose from, and they won't send us to the poor house like Melly's doing!"

I had no idea Mr. Appleton felt that way about me!!! I feel like running away, if I'm not wanted here, but where would I go? Nobody else is going to take me in!!!

I'm stuck here until Mr. Appleton throws me out or until I drive the Appletons into bankruptcy.


  1. Aww, that sucks Mell. As much as it hurts right now, running away won't help things, trust me.

    But still, it's pretty mean, what your dad said. I've never had this situation pop up before, but try and ask your dad if there's anything you can do to help around more-if your schedule allows for it and you wouldn't mind doing it, that is.

    Also, ask Dr. Crisp if there's any sort of money that the witch-Mrs. Johnson was her name, I think-is supposed to be giving you but isn't telling you about.

    I mean, look how much she wanted to pay for custom-sized clothes? Not at all.

  2. ... ;_;

    I'm so sorry, Melly.

    Maybe you won't be ready to read comments or advice just yet, so if not, don't feel guilty, just take care of yourself.


    On the chance that you do need some kind words right now, let me just assure you that we love you even if you are expensive. We don't think you're a monster!!!!! We think you're special, interesting, and valuable.

    If you want to feel better about Mr. Appleton somehow, tell me and I'll try to put his terrible behavior in perspective, even if it was NOT okay for him to lose his temper and say those things. It's not your fault.

    If you just need to be mad at him, those are the consequences of his words, and that's okay too.

  3. Mr. Appleton's only my foster father, so he doesn't have to treat me like a real father would. He's paid to take care of me, 'tho I'm sure Mrs. Johansson doesn't pay him nearly as much as it costs. Just this shed alone, even without the paint and stuff to make it look nice...

    But I never thought he hated me so much or wished that I would go away!!!

    Thanks, LadyNerd. I think you're special, interesting, and valuable too!!!

  4. Don't worry, there's always hope somewhere. What you need is a job (and someone who'll hire you). Then you can help the AAppletons out. Talk to Dr. Crisp about it.

  5. But what would I do? Most jobs take place in buildings where I don't fit through the door!!!

  6. Maybe a moving company. You could cary the stuff and I don't think keeping up with the delivery truck would be much of a stretch.

  7. Maybe!!! Ma and Pa got a new couch a few years back that wouldn't fit up the stairs, so I pushed it through the second floor window for them. I was smaller then, so I had to stand on tip-toes to do it, but it would be much easier for me now!!!


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