Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get Your Tickets Here!

I'm still worried about all the money I'm costing Mr. Appleton. That's probably why I dreamed that the Appletons had to turn their orchard into a circus to pay my bills. A long line of people handed over an admission fee to Jay at the gate, then Mrs. Appleton directed them all past caged animals and cotton candy booths into a huge tent. That's where I danced and jumped while Mr. Appleton waved a chair at me and cracked his whip like a lion-tamer.

I realized it was a dream when I saw Dream Boy in the crowd. He really stood out cuz he's outrageously tall and handsome. His dark green eyes seemed to glow in the light of a nearby fire-eater and his sandy brown hair was tied into a knot at the back of his head. "Why do you degrade yourself so, my queen?" he asked.

"Mr. Appleton needs money to take care of me," I told him.

"Ah yes, the little people are obsessed with their little green slips of paper. We have no such need of money on the Island of the Tall Ones."

"The Island of the Tall Ones doesn't exist and neither do you," I replied. "I don't live in dreams. I live in the real world."

He shrugged and said, "For now."

"In the real world, Mr. Appleton needs money to pay for my food and clothing."

"Then we will make sure he is able to do so without making you jump through hoops for your supper."

"Oh yeah? And how are you going to do that?"

"We will find a way, my queen. Our obligation is to provide for you."

Honestly, could my dreams get any weirder???


  1. Okay, they are weird, but they are also awesome! Hehehe. =)

  2. Could be worse. You could be in a cage before and after the show.

  3. pie guy, your alittle over 17 feet tall and there are farms all over you. you could do the work of 5 men and a truck no one needs any help around there farms i live in a city but a big guy (not your size but big) and my country aunts and uncles always try to get me to help out.

  4. Thanks, Pie Guy. There are some other farms around here I could look into. 'Tho I still have my own cows to care for and the homework Dr. Crisp is giving me takes up a couple hours every day, and I need time to practice my hook-shot... Maybe I'm not cut out for working after all!!!


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