Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News, Bad News

I had a long talk with Dr. Crisp about everything that's going on with Mr. Appleton and I feel much better now. Doc's known Mr. Appleton for years and says he's a good man who would never sell me to a circus or anything like that. "Though maybe you should learn how to juggle, just in case," he said, but then he winked and laughed to let me know he was kidding.

We also went over all the stuff I've been learning in our tutoring sessions. Doc says I'm doing really well now in history and language arts. I still have a lot to do to catch up with all the other kids, but I'm a fast reader and I remember every word I see. Doc's been trying to assign me two hours of reading each night but I can usually get through his assignments in about twenty minutes. I use the extra time to read ahead and visit study sites on the Internet. Math and science are harder for me cuz there are problems to solve, but I'm getting better at those as well.

All of that is the good news. The bad news is the school board wants to meet me so they can figure out what to do with me next year. I hate meeting new people, especially if they're judging me!!! Doc is a member of the board, so I'll have at least one person on my side, but I'm afraid he'll be outnumbered by frightened, hurtful townies!!!


  1. The school board. Well, the sooner you deal with this, the sooner it's out of your way.

    One of the big things they will be jabbering on and on about is "how much of a menace" you are, and "how dangerous" you could be to "other students". They'll probably even mention the first time you walked into town, even though that happened so long ago.

    Unfortunately, you're a bit outnumbered here, so there's not much you can do except be humble, nice, etc. Basically prove all their assumptions and prejudice against you as unfounded lies an untruths.

  2. PIE GUY do you lern so fast because your brain is bigger you think?

  3. I don't know. Maybe!!! I've just always had a good memory.

  4. A good memory is a gift. ^_^

    You know, I think a lot of peole have a hard time meeting new people who are in a position to judge them. I have no idea what that will be like and how they'll treat you, but wouldn't Dr. Crisp have said something if they weren't nice people? Hopefully they have more perspective. They're probably going to have to be the one's who figure out any money problems, so that might stress them some.

    But hey, you're more than a giant girl, and maybe these individuals will be more than hurtful townies too! It's not like you're trying to give them a reason to be frightened. They'll be more prepared than your first visit to town. And maybe, just MAYBE, they'll be more educated and polite too!

  5. If they don't like you, you can always threaten them. (Just Kidding).

  6. I'll try to find out more about the board members from Dr. Crisp. Hope they're all nice like him and not mean like Mrs. Johansson.


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