Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Know Your Enemy

Here's what I've been able to find out about the people on our town's school board:

Dr. Crisp - He's my doctor and my tutor, and I'm sure he'll fight as hard as he can to do what's best for me. Of all the adults in my life, Doc is the one I trust the most--but don't tell Mr. and Mrs. Appleton I said that!!!

Mrs. Rodriguez - Doc says she's been on the school board for-ev-er. She was one of Doc's teachers when he was in school, and Doc's not exactly young. Doc says I should be respectful to her cuz she comes from another time, like maybe the age of dinosaurs!!!

Coach Saunders - He's the coach of the high school football team, which Doc says is a big deal in our town. I told Doc I'd try to learn how to play if that would help, but It seems the team is just for boys. That doesn't seem fair to me, but I'm not supposed to tell that to Coach Saunders.

Mrs. Lee - Her family has money. Lots of money. They own a good part of the town, and control a lot of the rest. Take the school, for example. You can't own a public school, normally, except that Mrs. Lee joined the school board and so now she kind of does.

And finally...

Mr. Peterson - He's the president of the board and Mayor Peterson's son. Mr. Peterson also wants to be mayor someday, and Doc says sometimes he acts like he's already taken over.

They're going to come by the orchard one at a time over the next two weeks, when they have time in their busy schedules, and then they'll get together for a big important meeting. Doc says they'll be discussing lots of stuff other than just me, and it's all routine, but I'm still very nervous!!!


  1. Don't worry Melly, you'll be fine, whether you get in or not.

  2. But what kind of future can I have if I never go to school???

  3. Wow, each of them will be coming out? that's pretty awesome. They must really think it's important to meet you. And it will be on your farm first!

    Maybe you can practice greeting them so you'll at least have something to say when they come. "Hello, Mr. ____! Hello, Mrs. ___! It's nice to meet you!" That's it! That might help your nervousness.

    And also, just try to be gentle with them. They're nervous too because they've never met someone like you. Do cows get nervous meeting new people? If they do you could just imagine (for your attitude, not your behavior, hehehe), that you're meeting a new cow for the first time and trying to get to know it gently, and make it feel comfortable. That might help you feel less nervous, right? When you actually meet them, I'm sure it will be better if you are very alert and all. But being gentle and respectful/polite with new people is a friendly thing to do.

    Okay, I'm going to give you some weird advice now. Tell me if you don't like it. When I'm nervous I smile funny. It looks scary rather than genuine because I'm nervous. One more thing you could practice is smiling with your mouth closed. You know, just a little smile. I know it's a weird concept, but a smile can put a person at ease, so it's an important thing to be able to do. If you can smile casually, easily, even when you're nervous, you can help other people feel better about the situation.

    And I say a smaller smile because big smiles are only for when you're super happy, only for laughing with friends and good stuff like that. You shouldn't feel forced to give a huge smile when you don't feel like it. If the situation calls for it, all you need to give is what you can, and I find it easier to deal with new situations when I'm able to wear a comfortable smile, a hopeful smile. It's my "I'm a strong person" smile.

    So when you feel nervous, use that nervousness to practice saying And then practice smiling. Maybe you won't feel so nervous then, and when you actually meet everyone, it won't be so bad!

  4. **you can use that nervousness to practice saying hello and practice smiling instead of just feeling bad!

    Typo. =) I hope you don't mind my ranting, Melly. Getting ready to go to school should be a GOOD experience!

  5. Wow, thanks, LadyNerd!!! Picture them like cows and smile with my mouth closed...sounds like the way to go!!!


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