Friday, August 8, 2008


My dreams have been boring lately, and still no Dream Boy. I kept going back to the meadow where Dream Boy and I had our first dream kiss, but he was never there so the dream was just me sitting around until I woke up.

But last night things got spooky. First, the sky over the meadow went dark--not a little at a time like when the sun goes down, but with a snap like somebody turning off a light. Then a cold breeze blew right through my clothes, through my skin, and chilled my bones. I could feel the wind growing stronger and stronger until I could barely stand against it, 'tho the grass around me wasn't moving at all.

I heard a rustling sound from the other side of the meadow, where the ground rose to a ridge just high enough that I couldn't see over the top. "Is somebody there?" I asked. I had to ask a second time, louder, cuz that first time my voice never made it out through my lips.

The ridge rustled again. A red light lit that part of the sky like a flashlight in smoke and I heard a horrible choking noise and an animal's shrieking cry like I'd only ever heard once before in my entire life.

I forced myself awake and I'm never going back to sleep again!!!


  1. You think that's spooky, one time I had a nightmare about a monster I coouldn't see, but it wouldn't let go of me. I can still remember feeling it, like it was actally there. Atleast there were no monsters in your dream.

  2. It was a spooky enough dream without a monster in it. I don't think I could handle that!!!

  3. Yeah, in scenery like that, no way.

  4. I'm sorry you're troubled. =(

  5. pie guy : after that kind of spook you need a hug go find someone to hug


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