Monday, June 23, 2008

Distant Jay

I can see the Appleton's house from the doorway of my new shed. I can see Jay Appleton watching me from his bedroom window on the second floor. That's as much of him as I've seen this whole week. He certainly didn't come out to wish me good luck in my new home.


  1. Hi Melly, me again. I have a question. The Appleton kid, what's his deal? Does he always act the way he does? How long have you known him?

  2. Oops, forgot to type my name. Just in case the blog get's fritzy, this is Willy. But yeah, the Appeleton kid, how long ya known him?

  3. Hi, Willy. I've only known Jay for a few weeks, so I have no idea what his problem is. I can't tell if he avoids all the girls or just the really, really tall ones.

    A few weeks is as long as I've known anyone else, too. Ma and Pa didn't allow me to socialize.

  4. Well, I guess that means they're really concerned. Still, I'd hate to not be allowed to do that. Atleast they care about you. Some kids don't have that luxury. Maybe the Appleton kid just wants a friend, but he doesn't know how to act around other people. Try something, show him he's wrong, and that not all 17 ft., 10 and a half inches tall girls are mean. (Did I get that right)? By the way, I think it's great you can talk normally, and still have a broad vocabulary. I swear, some people act so high and mighty for knowing a few fancy words. It's so stupid. Well, anyway, I'm out. Bye.

  5. Yup, 17 feet 10 and a half inches exactly!!!

  6. give him a pie . all men like some kind of pie me i like lemon Meringue, punkin, and sweet potato. oh and I woder you may not have shoes but what about shocks you should and lest have socks?

  7. Isn't Jay the boy you scared the everliving crap out of? Melly, you have to remember that it's easy to hurt people at your size, and even easier to scare them witless. I know you're a sweetie, but I still wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley!

    I would apologize to him first. After that... well, if you want to be friends, be gentle. Understanding. Like with a calf. And if you don't really want him around, remind him who the eighteen-foot-tall boss is.

  8. I know I owe Jay an apology for that whole pie thing, but I won't deliver that apology on a silver platter. He's got to come and get it!!! He's got to meet me half way!!!

    I did used to have socks, by the way. But they don't last long on me so Ma stopped making them. Now it's been three years since Ma's been alive, so no new clothes at all since then.

  9. Well, no offense, but you did scarf down a pie that he had brought you (that was meant to be shared) and then belched at him rudely. Him being scared of you is all your fault, Melly. You can't pin his aloofness on a disdain towards you, but rather, on him simply being shy.

  10. Maybe. But he was like that way before I belched at him. And if he'd been nicer to me, I would have shared that pie!!!

  11. Hmm. I guess maybe he is interested enough to watch you. I just hope it isn't out of fear or anything negative.

    I kind of wonder what kind of interaction he was expecting from you when he thought you guys would share the pie. Was that just a selfish desire or did he think maybe you could be okay to hang out with if you two didn't have to talk about much, just eat pie.

    Or maybe he resents the energy and stuff his family is spending on you now. <=(

  12. Hey, I'm a guy and when I was his age? I was intimidated by good-looking gals who were 5'2" or 5'6". I can only imagine how much more intimidating they'd have been if they were good-looking AND seventeen feet and ten inches tall!

    He probably likes you, but he's too scared to do anything about it. That's what I think. And can you really blame him for being scared?

    Either that, or like LadyNerd said, he could be jealous of all the attention you get from his Ma and Pa. After all, they are his parents!


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