Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super-Sized Me

Mrs. Appleton has been giving me magazines to read, so I can learn more about the outside world, or her version of the outside world. Mrs. Appleton's world seems to have a whole lot of fashion, romance, and makeup in it--but she also slipped in a news magazine, probably by accident.

The story on the cover was about "Our Super-Sized Kids"!!! For a moment I was really excited about the idea that I wasn't the only one!!! But no, the article wasn't about other people like me. It was about normal-sized kids who eat too much and don't get enough exercise.

Still, I probably brought the national average up a bit. I don't want to say exactly how much I weigh but it's over a ton and a lot closer to two. Compared to me, the "super-sized" kids in that story are featherweights. Even that kid on the cover with the five-scoop ice cream cone and broken skateboard!!!


  1. Heh heh you have to understand, supersized refers to people who are, let's say, not lacking in weight and have bulging bellies. Okay, fat. But yeah, it's a problem. What that magazine should mention at some point are the skinny kids too, we're talking thin, stickly figures who think they way as much as you. (No offense, you said it, I'm just making a point). You gotta love the obsession with weight issue though, it's kinda stupid, but it takes you're mind of other things. And it's funny, because everyone knows good excercise and eating right lead to a healthy life. (Ironically, I don't eat the most healthy, nor excerxise often, but I run alot in my school's hallway and mom always forces salad in my food, so I'm good). By the way, is there anyway you can visit your cows. What happened to them?

  2. Oh and what kind books, tv shows, music, and movies do you like?

  3. Thanks, Willy--and thanks for worrying about my cows!!! I still have to pasture them and milk them twice a day, and today I washed them all in the creek cuz it's Tuesday. My new shed is close enough to our farm that I can go back and forth as much as I need, thank goodness!!!

    I haven't seen any movies yet, and I don't watch much TV, but I do read a lot. I have old books that Ma left me, like Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver's Travels, and some new books that Mrs. Appleton brought. They're all romance novels, and not very good, but I like having something new to read for a change!!!

  4. hay its pie and sock guy if you do see your first movie watch forest gump i have not yet ment the man women or kid who did not like it.

  5. I reccomend reading Sherlock Holmes, the Hound of Baskerville, and an oldtime elementary favorite, just 'cause it was so good, Animorphs. It's about these 5kids who morph into any animal they touch and they fight to protect the world from ming controlling slugs. Sounds weird, but I promise, it's an amazing series, each book has an awesome stiryline, (some better than others). Or, you could read Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, about a 16 year old charged with murder, who talks about his days in court in a movie-like fashion, which keeps the book interesting. Anyway, give the cows my regards, including Tinkerbell (why name her after the pixie in Peter Pan?).

  6. By the way, this blogging thing is bad. I'm supposed to be Willy, not William.

  7. I like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan cuz she's so small but also so fiesty!!!

    My cow, Tinkerbell, was very small when she was born, so the name fit her. She's as big as most of the other cows now, but they're all kinda small to me!!!

  8. Two tons would be below average for someone who's 17' 10.5". Average weight would be closer to
    ([{17 + ¹⁰·⁵/₁₂} / {5 + ⁴/₁₂}]³) * 119 ≈ 4480 pounds or 2.25 tons.


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