Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Final Final

I watched another basketball game on TV last night. They call these games "The Finals" even though so far there's always been more and more of them left to play. This was like the sixth one at least!!! They acted like this was the final "Final" but I just don't believe them anymore.

And why do the players change uniforms between every game? Are they trying to fool us into thinking they're a whole different team? The men in green from the other night were wearing white this time, and the men in yellow were wearing purple!!! It makes it hard to root for them cuz I like green better than yellow, but purple better than white.

The game wasn't even close, but still a lot of fun to watch. I think I could play this game. I really could!!!

The tallest player on either team is seven feet tall, and the basket is ten feet high. That means the tallest player could stand on the rim and I'd still be ten and a half inches taller than that--Ha-ha!!!

Wait till they have to play against me!!!


  1. Sorry my dear but I don't play basketball and I don't know anything about the rules as well.

    So I can't tell you why they cahanged their uniforms.

    But at soccer they have also two different jersey.
    Especially at the EM and WM.
    But why?? I can't tell you.

    1. When they play in their own stadium, they wear one set of uniforms, and when they play in other people's stadiums, they wear another set of uniforms.

  2. In basketball, one team is called the "Home" team, when the game is played in the city of that team.

    So, the Green and White team is the Boston Celtics. When the games are played in the city of Boston, they are the Home team.

    The purple and yellow/gold team is the Los Angeles Lakers. So when they play games in the city of Los Angelos they are the Home team.

    The team that is not the Home team, is called the "Away" or "Visiting" team.

    Both teams have different jerseys when they are the "Home" team and when they are the "Visiting" team.

    So, because the "Finals" were played in both cities, the teams changed their jerseys whether they were the Home or Visiting team in those games.

    There is usually a contrast between the colors of both teams. One wears their light jersey (the white or yellow) and the other team wears a dark jersey (green or purple). The reason is that way back when, when there was only black and white televisions, there had to be some way of distinguishing between the two teams since there was no color.

    Hope that explains everything alright. I've enjoyed your blogs Melly. Take care.

  3. Thanks for the information. There's so much to learn about this game!!!

    And black and white televisions... Is that real or are you just putting me on???

  4. Well, if you ahve any more questions about it or anything else, just post them and I'll try to answer if I know it.

    And, no, I am not putting you on. It would be hard to try and get something past a 17 feet plus girl. (Sad joke, I know :P)

    I am still young myself, so I was not alive when they were the only type of television around, but I also know that there were no remotes for them either. You had to turn the channel with a dial attached to the tv itself.


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