Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wash Day

I know I should apologize to Jay, but not today. It's Tuesday, and Tuesday is wash day here at Mills Farm. That's the day I wash my clothes, myself, and all of my cattle including the calves, heifers, cows, and Old Carl, our bull. Then I scrub down the entire barn. It's a whole lot of work, so I won't have time to search around for Jay Appleton. Maybe tomorrow...

I can carry a small cow under each arm or a few calves at a time with no trouble but I've always got to drag Old Carl by the scruff of his neck, kicking and complaining all the way from his pen to the creek, big baby that he is. I've got to get into the water and hold him down because he hates the soap and brushes. Every week he tries to slash or gore me with his horns, even though he should know by now that he never can. Washing the cows and Old Carl is tough work, but so much nicer to have sweet-smelling cattle.

I give special attention to Tinkerbell cuz she's my favorite, the one I hold in my arms as I sleep. She's a two-year-old heifer and don't tell anyone but I think she's "with calf"!!!


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW, congrats for tinkerbell!!
    well, hope you have fun!!
    becareful!!, i don't want you to stub your toe,or get hurt by Old Carl.
    Lots of Love Peter

  2. if she stubbed her toe i would go and worship it!

  3. You are an idiot Jay.

    Do us all a favor and shot yourself in your head please.

    Or wait I got an better idea I come around and shot you by myself with my G36.
    Sounds good does it?

  4. You can really carry one cow under each arm???

    WOW ^^

    I wished I could seen this with my own eyes for one time

    Greetings from good old Germany ^^

  5. Small cows like Tinkerbell and some of the others, sure.

    They're heavy, so I couldn't go too far with them, but down to the creek and back isn't too hard.

    It beats making two trips!!!

  6. Wow. I haven't been around cows a lot and haven't really cared to. But I think I would really have fun being around cows that smell good!

    I also think it's cute that Tinkerbell is your favorite. Everyone needs a personal pet. I'm more of a bird person, but hey! Cows are probably really delicate, warm, and soft as pets too! And if I like a clean bird's smell, I can imagine liking a clean cow's smell.


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