Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sweet Barn

I am so upset right now, I'm about to break this keyboard from pressing the keys too hard. Mrs. Johansson took a tour of my barn today--my home since the age of seven--and called it "unfit for human habitation." So what does that make me, some kind of animal?!!

Mrs. Johansson says I have to move out, and she has the power of the Child Welfare Division of Social Services behind her. She's going to wish she had the power of a bulldozer instead, cuz that's what it'll take for her to drag me out of my barn!!!

Where am I supposed to go? To a house with eight-foot ceilings and doors I can't squeeze through? The only place large enough for me to live in is going to be another barn!!!


  1. Ehh please calm down at first Melly^^

    If you break the keyboard, we can't talk anymore.

    Listen i don't think that she means that your an animal.
    Those thoughts are stupid.

    But you should ask her where she wanted that you life then.
    Hey maybe the build a house made for your size.
    This would be an option or not.

    Oh Mel I wished I could help you better but sadly I'm here in Berlin.

  2. Calming down... Taking deep breaths... Thinking happy thoughts...

    No, I can't!!! She wants to kick me out of my home!!!

  3. I wished I could help you anyway.

    Talk with her again and ask her what she had planned for you.

  4. hey i wish i can help you two, but..
    life i s life...I know your mad, if i where with you right now, i would have build a bigger barn, and use, ur rold barn.

    but i live in So Cal.
    (southren California.)
    where do you live? we might live near eatch other, if we do, maybe i can help!!

  5. Can you build a house???

    No, it doesn't matter, I'm nowhere near California.

  6. Damn it!! i bet you live in Canada
    !!!or midwesteren USA. anyways kids at one the schoools i go to, actully builds stuff, i built a house!! i bet they put hannaah montana stuff...well..*looks up at you* your a sweet person...and i'm sorry about your cows..

  7. =(

    I know she's not a very understanding, kind, or diplomatic social worker, but she probably had to say that because those are the standards her job holds her to. She's been taught to uphold all sorts of rule and regulations and if she ignored them, she would eventually loose her job for doing it poorly.

    I'm just sorry she's stressed out about your situation and therefore unfairly stressing you out instead of talking to you nicely about such a big change before ordering it. It doesn't sound like she even treats you like a person. I don't know how common this is, but it's unfortunate anyway.

    Could she be afraid of you?

    Anyway, to your last comment, I guess the way things turned out, now you know that just because we don't know how to do something at first, doesn't mean it can't be done.

  8. You're right, she doesn't treat me like a real person. Is it just me, or does she treat other kids like that too?

  9. A social worker, hah. From what I understand, social workers mustmake tough decisions about the lives of families, like if they have unfit parents, things like that. Believe me on this: if social workers truly focused on the cases they dealt with, they'd never sleep at night. Let's just say I know an ex-social worker.

  10. Ms. Johansen is probably mean to you not because of your size, but because it's her job. Talk to her one day, one-on-one. See what happens.

  11. I don't think it would safe for that witch to be left alone with me. Ha-ha!!!

  12. She's probably scared to death of you, Melly. It's hard for people to be nice when they're scared.


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