Monday, June 16, 2008

One for Me, None for You!

Jay Appleton just came by the barn. I almost didn't hear his little fist knocking on the door. I'm not a very good judge of heights, cuz everyone looks short to me, but Jay is barely knee-high so he couldn't be much more than five feet tall. Maybe less. And he's wispy, like his arms and legs might snap from a light breeze.

"Mom wanted me to stop by," he said. That figured. There was no way he'd come near me on his own.

I shrugged like I didn't care. I couldn't help it. Jay is the only kid my own age that I've ever met. He could have been my first real friend, but he never talks to me unless his parents force him to.

"She made a pie." Jay held out a perfect blueberry pie, just like Ma used to make.

I took the pie from Jay's tiny hands and tossed it back with two large bites. It was soooo good, I wish I'd had a dozen more just like it. Mrs. Appleton can really cook!!!

I noticed Jay looking up at me in shock. "I thought we could share it," he said.

I dropped the empty pie plate back into his hands and wiped the last drops of blueberry from my lips. I leaned way down on my knees and elbows to get my face next to his pale, blood-drained, scared-to-death face. Then I belched so loud that it frightened the chickens in the coop across the yard. "That's your share," I told Jay.

The wispy little boy ran away like he was running for his life. I think he was worried I'd make a pie out of him next--Ha-ha!!!

But maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to Jay. Maybe I was still upset about my fatherless Father's Day. Or freaked out about this anonymous weirdo who keeps leaving me comments about wanting to lick my feet, and gross stuff like that...

Hey!!! For all I know, that anonymous weirdo was Jay, and he deserved everything he got!!!


  1. Hey do you really think that he deserved something like that?

    I mean come on your taller, stronger and faster as him (or any other)

    You should imagine how would you react if you where on his place.
    try to be a little nicer and you will see that you become a new friend in no time ^^

    Oh and before I forgot my name is Daniel ^^

  2. Hmm... Maybe you're right, Daniel. Maybe I will apologize to Jay. I'll think about it.

  3. Yes you should belive me its better so in every way my dear^^

    With great power comes great responsebility.

    Think about that

    Greetings from Germany


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Stop talking about my feet, whoever you are. It's creepy!!!

  6. hey Melly,that jay or whatever creep is still herassing you?
    i'm sorry, if i where with you right now, or next to that guy..oh...You don't want to see me mad..i know how you feel, i don't have a father maybe part of it is the anger, you might want to take your anger out in a possitive wy, like drawing, or, go travel around the contry, see all of the u.s.a. and mabye build somethings...

  7. I'd love to travel. I've only been off the farm once, and that didn't go very well!!!

  8. well, just be more careful, or ask that Dr.Crisp,could take you off the farm, i'm sure if you becareful where you step,then you'd beable to travel carefuly.

  9. *shakes her head*

    That was funny, but I'm sure it was awful for Jay. Oh well, you get enough comments about this day. You knew when you posted this that you were kinda mean, but you told us anyway.

    Nobody's perfect!

    I'm curious as to why you don't just delete any stupid foot obsession comments.

  10. I can delete comments???

    Oh, I'm going to have to try that!!!


  11. Jay probably isn't going to be your first friend if you keep treating him like this. No wonder he doesn't visit more often!


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